Essence Harmonized into Activities

Yutang Lin


Bodhicitta, as aspiration in the position of cause
        May all sentient beings attain enlightenment soon!
Bodhicitta, as attainment in the position of consequence
        Attaining permeation into limitless oneness, originally pure

From aspiration to realization, a Dharma practitioner's path
        Should follow the guidance of enlightened attainments
        Just as all those skillful applications of Buddhas' wisdom
In accordance with "limitless"
        Renounce grasping, not to construe matters
        Lest comparisons and distinctions of "one and others" arise
Learning to practice "oneness"
        Tolerate and embrace others' ways
        Mind free from worries, remain peaceful as situations evolve

Practices as such, from worldly points of view
Are simply ignorant and incomprehensible
Nevertheless, to attain genuine emancipation
To transcend cycling of worldly situations
One need to choose and sustain this kind of way of life
In daily activities of mind and those of body
Buddha's child, what is the kind of your choosing?


Written in Chinese and translated on January 30, 2011
El Cerrito, California



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