Harmonized into Union

Yutang Lin

Originally no way to start making distinctions
Once recognized some form and grasped onto it
One became entrapped within "limited" sphere
No matter how one struggles
It is difficult to return to the original state of "limitless"
And thus transmigration inside births and deaths was shaped

Within limited situations and environments
Attempting to resume limitless state
Such is the process of Dharma practices
All contrivances are limited
And hence the key to Dharma practices is to let go

Dharma practices are also carried out within limited sphere
Nevertheless, one need to be able to apply limited matters
To illustrate limitlessness
Only then can all limited matters be harmonized
   Into limitless union
And the concrete indicator for such harmonization into union is

Bodhicitta has no limitation, neither in space nor in time
And yet equally and universally embraces all beings
Thus it is limitless and yet not hollow
Abiding by it and acting accordingly
One will solidly march into the openness of limitlessness


Written in Chinese and translated on January 19, 2011
El Cerrito, California


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