Practicing Dharma Foremost

Yutang Lin

Not easy to concentrate and engage only in Dharma activities
A Buddhist should try hard to regard Dharma as foremost priority
Among all sorts of Dharma activities
The foremost should be cultivation in Dharma practices

Take making offerings as an example
Superior and abundant offerings are certainly very nice
But they should be made only within one's ends
No need to spend all one's energies on gathering
To the extent of neglecting daily practices

Only through engaging in Dharma practices
           Can one comprehend the marrows of Dharma teachings
Having experienced the realization of Dharma attainments
           Only then can one really remain tranquil and benefit others
Continuation and spreading of Dharma only then will have real substances
Thus the saying goes
Of all offerings
           Offerings of Dharma are foremost
And yet among all sorts of offering of Dharma
           The foremost is sincere and continuous engagement in Dharma practices

Some disciple asked me how one should make offerings to Guru
So I wrote this reminder to encourage disciples to do the foremost


Written in Chinese and translated on January 3, 2011
El Cerrito, California

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