Yutang Lin

Buddha Dharma points toward boundlessness
Each practitioner is of various individual capacities
The key point of Dharma practices lies in
        Expanding one's capacities
        Toward boundlessness

Capacities are recognizable and yet not easy to be self-aware of
Common indicators are
        Confined by fixed views and be self-righteous about it
        Thinking in biased and erroneous ways without awareness
        Good at scolding others but lack of self reflection
        Preaching salvation of all beings and yet concerned with only a few

Expansion of one's capacity depends on one's own efforts
Others can only indicate here and there
        Depending on the circumstances being appropriate or not
As to the results of such incidents of advice
        It all depends on if the practitioner has comprehended it
                And if the practitioner is sincere in such expansion

Aspiring toward Buddha fruits
To attain and realize the union of Brightness and Sunyata, of Sunyata and Bliss
And yet seldom reflects on oneself to see that
        When one's mind is not blank, how could there be
        The union of Sunyata and Bliss, of Brightness and Sunyata
First one needs to transcend self-limitation in entangling thoughts
Only then can one wish for the remaining attainments

Written in Chinese and translated on December 31, 2010
El Cerrito, California

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