Starting to Practice at Once

Yutang Lin

Although thought of doing some Dharma practice
And yet for no apparent reasons wanted to wait for a while
As one waits
Maybe the time to start will never come
Not to mention causes for further procrastination
Would gradually pile up behind one's awareness
Thus is the situation of most people's difficulty
        To start engaging in a Dharma practice

Dharma practice is a long-term cultivation
It requires constant and persistent accumulation of sands to build a pagoda
Daily routine practice sessions would in time form habits
Habitual practice without breaks would gradually lead to diligence
All are constantly evolving
Either grasp this instant and immediately begin to practice
Or take care of other matters first
        Thus so-called "Dharma practice" remains ideas and words of mouth
        And then there will hardly be any opportunity for serious engagement

Even though just a bit and a drip would do
As one aspires to do it now, one should do it at once
At the beginning it is always awkward and dreadful
But even such tastelessness need to be endured and overcome
As long as there is a beginning
Subsequent development could be expected and gradually seen
Hurry to start your Dharma practice now

Written in Chinese and translated on December 22, 2010
El Cerrito, California

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