Yutang Lin

Some Buddhists
Even though practiced Dharma harder than common
Still suffered from illnesses continuously
Or encountered hindrances one after another
So they felt discouraged
           And even swayed in their faith

In fact, generally speaking
All of us have heavy karmic debts
Hence the saying goes
           Unsatisfactory matters in life
           Are eight or nine out of ten
When entangled by disagreeable matters
One should first of all accept them as
Karmic retribution coming into being
And hence hold no grudges toward anyone
           Thus the heavy load inside can be lightened

Then one should reflect and realize that
One's Bodhi aspiration is not genuine, profound and broad enough
And consequently both body and mind still remain stagnant
Within the tiny circle of personal karma

In addition, use all these matters for Dharma practice
To comprehend that illnesses and hindrances are also
           Originally pure and without "self"
Only due to grasping to self that they are endured as suffering
One should develop the great mind of compassion
To subsume all sufferings of all sentient beings into one's own
And thereby carry all of them on one's own shoulders

In this way the discouraged spirit would soon turn into
Diligent endeavors on the enlightenment path


Written in Chinese and translated on December 4, 2010
El Cerrito, California