Seeking Dharma

Yutang Lin


Robber asks traveling merchants
Want money or want life
        Reminding them the weights of root versus branches
        So that they can rob goods without harming lives

Milarepa offered his body, speech and mind to Guru
        Meaning to take refuge with absolute obedience
And then asked for help in sustenance and Dharma teachings
Yet Guru Marpa replied
Either sustenance or teachings will be provided
You may choose one but cannot get both
        Suggesting that unless one puts Dharma above food and clothing
        Then one cannot receive the real teachings

The goal of Dharma is at
Attaining the totality of Dharmakaya
A Dharma seeker who sets mind at any one point of the Dharmadhatu
Will not be able to merge into the whole totality
Therefore, to accomplish full enlightenment
One must put Dharma as foremost priority
        And disregard all the rest


Written in Chinese and translated on November 20, 2010
El Cerrito, California


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