Yutang Lin

As matters arise
  Worldly considerations are complicated and variegated
    Endowed with incessant worries
  Mind turning toward Dharma would render them simple
    Simply repeat the Four Boundless Minds
    May all beings attain enlightenment soon!
  Through this purification of mind to remain distant from worldly sorrows

In dealing with matters on hand
  Following one's own inclinations
    Will never escape from the noose of comparing and complaining
    Still remained one drop in the expansive ocean of sufferings
  Putting Dharma first and upholding paths and approaches accordingly
    It may be very tough for some time
    In the long run openness and tranquility will prevail

Buddha blesses practitioners who are devoted and remain constant
As matters arise a practitioner should realize that they are all trials on the path
Wisely choose Dharma over self-centered ways
  Then all hurdles will be overcome

Written in Chinese and translated on September 23, 2010
El Cerrito, California

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