Renouncing Everything at Death

Yutang Lin

Upon the arrival of death
 All things in the world need to be renounced
This is known to everyone
Nevertheless, thousands of thoughts that linger in the mind
How many people can renounce them instantaneously?
Therefore, transmigrating from births to deaths
 Few could have escaped from such cycling

To be able to renounce all things at the moment of death
One need to practice renouncing everything in mind at this moment

As long as there is one thread of lingering thought in mind
The net of thousands of thoughts will be brought up
How many are there who had attained being naturally free from thoughts?

Liberation from transmigration from births to deaths is not an easy matter
 Don't let your Dharma practices remain only verbal expressions

If one cannot renounce everything in mind at this instant
Impermanence would arrive in a blink
To attain peace of mind
Which moment could one wait for actually renouncing everything?

If one sincerely wishes to escape from the cycling in births and deaths
At this instant simply renounce everything

Written in Chinese on September 11, 2010
Translated on September 12, 2010
El Cerrito, California

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