Not to Blame Others

Yutang Lin

When pondering over matters
Inclined to blame others

No matter whoever is blamed on
Could whosoever be persuaded and changed by others?

Blaming on others
Isn't it blaming in vain?
What could one thus gain on the Dharma practice path?
Nothing but a rambling on some track astray

To apply efforts effectively in Dharma practices
First of all, recognize clearly that
All worldly matters are beyond one to change
What one can indeed make a difference
Lies only in one's renunciation of grasping
And one's expansion of mental horizons

Not blaming others
And only then can one have the time and attention
To concentrate on one's own mental and physical emancipation
Only after one has learned how to escape from worldly sorrows
Can one proceed on helping others to become emancipated

Do remember and don't forget
Not to blame others for any matter

Written in Chinese on September 6, 2010
Translated on September 7, 2010   
El Cerrito, California

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