Yutang Lin

Some said that others are questionable
As a matter of fact
For ordinary people, who is beyond being questionable?

Those who are questionable
 And yet realized the need to engage in Dharma practice
Are already rare and precious
How could they be expected to attain perfection in an instant?

If they are unwilling to listen
 Or unappreciative to what they heard
Whatever was said is just wasted
Why still wasting energy on commenting?

Indeed, the most questionable matter is
Not seeing where one's own questionable qualities lie
And yet busy with trying to oversee what cannot be guided
Matters that one taken as others' questionable points
But to one's own questionable qualities that can really be managed
One has no clue as to how to begin to put handles on them

People who want to engage in Dharma practices
Had better pay more attention on
How to find out one's own questionable qualities

Written in Chinese on September 6, 2010
Translated on September 7, 2010   
El Cerrito, California

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