Looking at the Moon

Yutang Lin

Lights of the city are shining brightly everywhere
Bight moon in the night sky could hardly be noticed
Worldly tangles preoccupied the mind all the time
The mood to look up at the moon could hardly arise

Looking at a Buddha image
Visualizing a holy countenance
Also need to wait for dusts in mind to have settled down
And a leisure and tranquil mood has risen
To be enjoyed as a Dharma practice

The ever closing in of Impermanence
 Is often ignored among clusters of miscellaneous trifles
The necessity of renouncing worldly engagements
 Is frequently buried by a procrastinating attitude
The good fortune of devoting oneself to Dharma practices
Can only be treasured by a few sincere practitioners

The bright moon, looking down at the suffering multitude on this Earth
Would also bear an unspoken feeling of great compassion, I think

Written in Chinese on September 6, 2010
Translated on September 7, 2010   
El Cerrito, California

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