Expansively Practicing Virtues and Charity

Yutang Lin

A disciple intended to renounce worldly engagements to practice Dharma
He asked for a Dharma name, and received "Virtues Expansive" from me
This kind of Dharma name carries with it a blessing from the Guru
May he practices virtues expansively daily and soon attain freedom from hindrances

When a Dharma practitioner received a Dharma name
To himself on his own
He should reflect and examine himself
And then realized that in fact
He still lacked virtues extensively
Therefore, he should be mindful and diligent
Lest he becomes unworthy of Guru's grace

A disciple had been practicing releasing of lives for long
Well over ten years
She asked for a Dharma name, and received "Charity Expansive" from me
May she practices charity expansively daily and thereby benefits all beings equally
She found the Dharma name very encouraging to her
Upon reflection she realized that her charitable activities were still not extensive
Still need to put in more efforts and endeavors
So as to follow the example as set by the Guru
To benefit all beings incessantly

May disciples who had received a Dharma name
Will all reflect and realize as above cases
And thereby become diligent on the enlightenment path
So as to reach the day of being able to benefit all beings sooner

Written in Chinese on July 23, 2010   
Translated on August 3, 2010
El Cerrito, California

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