Jade Wish-fulfilling Ring

Yutang Lin

Disciple Shan Xi asked an old sculptor to carve open a fist-size jade stone to carve it into a jade ring with its top designed as a Ru Yi, a traditional Chinese object signifying wish-fulfilling. When he came to see me in Bei Jing, he offered it to me with the well-wishing of auspiciously wish-fulfilling. Two days later he brought along a bunch of Buddhists from Tian Jin to visit me. That early morning during sleep I saw the jade ring on my left middle-finger suddenly had its top raised up to form a rabbit, and then shrank back to its original shape. Simultaneously there appeared a crystal dragon with its head facing me and its body circled around its head. In traditional Chinese literature, the term "jade rabbit" is used to indicate the moon, and moon signifies Compassion in Dharma. A few years ago there was another ring that has the Chinese character, Shou (longevity), carved on its top, and it also appeared miraculously in my dream. (See my work Poem1033 Ring of Longevity). That ring is made of gold, and in Dharma gold signifies Vajra Wisdom. I figured, such auspicious inspirations related to gold and jade might have implicit significance of wisdom and compassion in perfect union. Since such inspirational events are rare, I recorded it for all to share.

Wish-fulfilling jade ring as offered by disciple Shan Xi
Transformed into a jade rabbit accompanied by a lucid dragon
Wisdom and compassion, as indicated by gold and jade, both attained
Harmonious atmosphere permeates in great auspiciousness

Written in Chinese on June 7, 2010
Translated on August 2, 2010
El Cerrito, California

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