Dog's Bark

Yutang Lin

Dog's bark and bird's twitter are all one's sound
Originally in harmonious oneness but man distinguishes
Purifying mind through repeating Buddha's name
     Delusions vanished inconspicuously
At the moment of merging into oneness
     Only then one realizes the real phenomena


Upasaka Zeng who lives on Yang Ming Mountain in Taipei, Taiwan has been practicing repetition of "Amitabha" and meditation for many years. Recently during his meditation sitting he suddenly heard a dog's barking, and simultaneously comprehended intuitively that it was his own sound. He asked me about this, and I replied: "It was a direct comprehension of real phenomena, and it was realized only at the juncture when the man-made concept of 'this is not my sound' or 'this is dog's bark', which was artificially added in subconciousness to the sound heard, vanished. Furthermore, only at the juncture when such subconscious conceptual distinctions vanished can one become aware of the previous existence of such preconceived conceptual frames." Thus, it is clearly seen that it is not an easy endeavor to extinguish self-grasping and self-preconception; only through many years of diligent and continuous Dharma practices could these be gradually eradicated in subconsicousness. Upasaka Zeng, following the comprehension mentioned above, inferred that indeed all sounds are one's own sound. If we generalized further along this line, then all experiences of phenomena are nothing but oneself, nothing but all in oneness, and originally in harmony. When this truth is comprehended, then why would one incur suffering on oneself by grasping to all sorts of distinctions?

Written in Chinese and translated on April 14, 2010
El Cerrito, California

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As requested by disciple Ji Hu below I had written the poem in calligraphy.

Detong, add it to Lian Yi book.

Tong Tou, print one copy for Zeng.

May all beings attain Enlightenment soon!



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