Yutang Lin

Ordinarily our mentality could hardly be free from grasping to forms
To transcend such limitations
One practices vast and open visualizations
    Such as Dharmadhatu view, four realms of saints and six realms of beings view
Or practices visualizations that transmute ordinary boundaries
    Such as Mystic Gates of Hua Yan, Bodhi activities of Universal Goodness

These visualizations are helpful to transcend limitations
However, since visualization could hardly avoid grasping and making efforts
It carries with it subtle and difficult to be aware of confinements
Hence, whether one practices enlarging or transmuting visualizations
Do not stop at such visualizations
But instead one should realize that the real thing is still beyond the visualization
In other words, the key to such visualizations is not holding on to them
But to comprehend that beyond such visualization
Originally it is boundary-free without even a trace of limitation
Through visualization practices one transcends limitations of grasping to forms
And then one still need to renounce the confinement of such visualizations

In boundary-free
Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and practitioner converge into oneness
All sentient beings and practitioner converge into oneness
All sins and sufferings naturally emerge
All blessings and purifications by Buddhas' powers naturally carry on
Self-cleansing of Dharmadhatu-in-oneness expands perpetually

Written in Chinese and translated on February 21, 2010
El Cerrito, California

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