Profound Grace of Medicine Guru Buddha

Yutang Lin

While transmitting Heart Mantra
Round light of mantra wheel appeared

Repeating Buddha’s Heart Mantra
Ailments repeatedly extinguished

Pilgrimages to Buddha’s altar
Brought days of peace and ease

Buddha’s grace unable to repay
Let all know as token of thanks


Early in year 2007 I transmitted the heart mantra of Medicine Guru Buddha to disciple Feng He. His daughter took a photo and a circle of light, that resembles a mantra wheel, miraculously appeared in the photo. And this photo had been included in the Chinese book, Dharma Nectar of Medicine Guru Buddha. It seems that Feng He has special connection with the Medicine Guru Buddha. He has two jobs, and hence every week there are several days when he works over ten hours. Sometimes when he felt the onset of disease he would immediately begin to repeat the heart mantra of Medicine Guru Buddha, and then after thirty minutes of such repetition he would feel well again. This happened time and again and never failed, so his colleagues all know about it, and when they fell sick they also asked him to repeat the mantra on their behalves to attain peace of mind and speedy recovery. Since he received the heart mantra and began to practice diligently its repetition, often in one year he had only one small illness. Since he is busy at work, he seldom had leisure to come visit my altar. Nevertheless, each time after he had visited the altar, when he returned home he felt peace of mind and comfort and ease of body continuously for several days. Once when he came his left arm was in pain and could not apply strength to raise his pants upward. And yet upon returned home suddenly his left arm could move freely and apply strength to do things. Therefore, he has deep faith in the inconceivable blessing of Medicine Guru Buddha and its immediate effectiveness. The other day he read my recent work, Lineage Non-vacuous, and hence he asked me to put down in writing his own inspirational experiences to share with the public, and thus repay Buddha’s grace in a minute way.

Written in Chinese and translated on February 1, 2010
El Cerrito, California

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