Lineage Non-vacuous

Yutang Lin

As soon as intention to withdraw arose
His gracious presence appeared
Advised to continue the efforts on
Supporting the precious Guru
Lineage blessings thus received
Certainly not amount to vacuous words
The Dharma lineage bathed in such grace
Will certainly become prosper and spread


Over the past four-odd years disciple Xin Ping spent two days each week, first to shop and cook nice dishes, and then brought them to me as offerings, and also took me out to eat a hearty meal. During this time there were twice or thrice, due to matters arose, when she was thinking of withdrawing. But each time, right that night, she was blessed with Guru Chen’s presence in her dream. He said to her, “Little girl, you are angry again.” And then he comforted her with advices, and encouraged her to continue to support and follow the Guru. Another time when she was sick, Guru Chen also appeared to her in a dream, and then she immediately got well again. She asked me to write down these inspirational events and publicize them so that the public would comprehend that both lineage and lineage blessings are genuine matters, and that Guru Chen is looking after our lineage all the time. Some other disciples also had similar inspirational experiences of Guru Chen’s presence and blessing, so I mentioned them here by the way.

Written in Chinese and translated on January 29, 2010
El Cerrito, California

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