Yutang Lin

A disciple is straightforward in temperament
Often responded to others with emotional agitation
Even to the Guru it remained the same
Making noises as if to one's equals
Although having engaged in Dharma practices for decades
Still grasping to self is deep down and occasionally it exploded

However, after many years of following the Guru
Recently the attitude toward the Guru is always
Respectful and whole-heartedly joyful
No matter how the mistakes are pointed out
The instructions are smilingly accepted with gratitude

I think this shows that, having comprehended that Guru is whole-heartedly for Dharma
There are no more deluded thoughts of personal antagonism arising

Even though having learned to receive Guru's instructions joyfully and faithfully
To others in the surrounding
The old habitual tendency has not changed
Time and again emotional reactions exploded, followed by regrets
So the disciple turned to me for guidance on how to amend it

I said
Guru serves as a sample for your Dharma practices in deeds
Once you have learned not to emotionally react to the Guru
Then you need to regard all sentient beings as your Guru
And interact with each one with a respectful and joyful attitude
The disciple pledged to take this advice seriously and put it into practice

Indeed I often said
Guru serves as a sample for your practice of how to become one with all beings
If, to a Guru who has devoted his whole life to Dharma and service of beings
You still cannot let go of the fences and walls of self-grasping
Then how could you become one with ordinary beings who are full of antagonism
Not being able to become one with all sentient beings, then
How could the Dharmakaya reveal itself and be completed

Having experienced oneness with Guru
Then it should be applied to all beings
Thus it will be possible to gradually merge into limitless oneness
And then expand compassionate salvation activities born of oneness
As to how to become one with sentient beings who are full of antagonism
The principle is very simple
The attainment is very difficult
Only need to have no traces of complaints in mind

Written in Chinese and translated on January 06, 2010
El Cerrito, California

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