Dharma Activities Free from Hindrance

Yutang Lin

Heart Sutra stated the teaching that
Mind should be free from attachments

As soon as some attachment became aware of
It should be fully renounced immediately

In the absence of all attachments
Ultimate peace and relaxation is realized

Responding to situations to grant salvation
No longer any worldly considerations

What should be done is readily carried out
What one would like to offer is offered happily

No more lingering thoughts on enjoying tranquility
As occasions arise carry on the Dharma activities


Heart Sutra teaches that mind should be free from attachment, and thus Nirvana is realized. Lest Dharma practitioners mistakenly consider the teaching as saying that the ultimate goal is to remain in a state of complete cessation of activities, in this work I emphatically pointed out that, exactly because there is no more worldly considerations, that a Dharma practitioner would become capable of extensively and vigorously carrying on Dharma salvation and propagation activities. Peace and relaxation in mind, and lively application of skillful means of salvation, they are harmoniously unified and could not be separated.

Written in Chinese and translated on the New Year's Day of 2010
El Cerrito, California

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