Dharma Instrument

Yutang Lin

For one to become a useful instrument
Training and polishing is a must
Any time at any place taking Dharma as the foremost
As the world evolves from moment to moment
This determination and aspiration would not sway
Nor would it be mixed with personal considerations
Only then could one shoulder the great responsibility
Of propagating the Dharma to save sentient beings

A Dharma practitioner should avail oneself of all situations
For self-training and polishing
So as to achieve the capability of a Dharma instrument
That could be employed by Buddha for salvation activities

No matter how unbearable the circumstances have become
All situations are made use of for practicing Dharma
So that liberation of one's mind may be attained
And skillful means to convert beings may be acquired
Only then could one hope to receive
Buddha's bestowing of responsibilities
And Protectors' support and sustenance
To carry on the career of compassionate salvation of all sentient beings

Written in Chinese and translated on December 28, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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