Transcendence and Escape

Yutang Lin

To practice Dharma one need to have right views
So as to be able to discern subtle differentiations
Otherwise, the path chosen is often off the right course

When one is grasping to form
    Without realizing the mistake thereof
And thus taking escape as transcendence
Indeed, when there is longing or avoiding in mind
Both are grasping to form without transcendence

Whatever is avoided
Right there is no transcendence
Genuine transcendence
Is born of mind free from grasping
And at ease as matters arise, without longing or avoiding

Tantra puts transcendence into actual practices
And works head-on at points of ignorance
So as to realize its blank nature
And thereby become forever free from grasping to form

All mental activities and phenomena
Are tied to all sorts of causal conditions
Not to be bothered by any causal conditions
Would be genuine transcendence from causal conditions

While busy choosing what to run toward or away from
One actually acts under the trap of causal conditions

Written in Chinese and translated on December 28, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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