Let Others Participate

Yutang Lin

Participating in Dharma activities initiated by others
    Is also meritorious
Its significance being
    That all joined efforts to accomplish the Dharma deeds
Let everyone equally share the benefits of Dharma endeavors
    All having the opportunity to contribute willingness and efforts

Upon seeing others engaging in Dharma activities
    Contributing a bit, doing whatever one can
    With the hope to see accomplishment earlier and easier
    Of course, such a deed, no matter the amount, is in accord
    With Bodhicitta, and hence may be called "meritorious"
    That is, through such endeavor one may cultivate
Stocks of merits on the Bodhi path

Some people are accustomed to being independent of others' help
    And also eager to carry on the load
While engaging in Dharma endeavors they tend to carry on alone
As to others' intention or offer to help
    Time and again, humbly declined
To such people's mind it was simply not to bother others
    Or to save others' expenses
But from the point of view of practicing participation to accumulate merits
It was pushing others away from opportunities for such practices
Even if there is no need for more help from others
One should gladly accept their offers so as to cultivate merits jointly
If, as a result, there is surplus, then it maybe used in other Dharma endeavors
So that Dharma activities will incessantly prosper, without shortage of resources

Written in Chinese and translated on December 17, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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