Calling Mother up Daily

Yutang Lin

Mother and son are separated by the Pacific Ocean
Fortunately through phone calls I can send regards
Nightly recounted daily events that was interesting
Spreading of Dharma activities comforts ma's mind


Over the past decade or more years phone-cards became popular, and thus enabled overseas conversations at low cost. Nightly I called up my home in Taipei, Taiwan; besides inquiring about well-being, I briefly recounted major Dharma events of the day and what my family members did, sometimes I also mentioned comprehension and reflection on my Dharma endeavors. My mom is over ninety; she replied in a few words, and occasionally she would say a few sentences. Communicating in this way, on the one hand is to help increase observation of the outer world for my mom's state of mind, and on the other hand, through ever spreading of our Dharma activities to comfort the old lady's feelings.

Written in Chinese and translated on December 16, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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