Acting without Thoughts

Yutang Lin

People usually are accustomed to acting by thoughts
Advanced practitioners
        May be able to act in the absence of thoughts

Indeed the transformation of matters in the world
        And the evolution of personal circumstances
Could not be fully predicted by wishes and thoughts
Not to mention to be controlled at will

Single-mindedly acting in accordance with the Dharma
Couldn't help to encounter all sorts of
Worldly misunderstanding and antagonism
And even sudden oppression and pounding
Furthermore, all such predicaments cannot be resolved by reasoning
Such trials and drilling could nevertheless
Readily promote a state of mind that is free from thoughts
        (Since thinking is futile, and nothing worldly is worth pursuing)
But congenial to single-mindedly practicing Dharma

To practice Dharma one does not choose circumstances
But, instead, under any circumstances
Practice single-mindedly for Dharma and for all sentient beings
Thus one will stay far away from self-centered deluded daydreaming

Written in Chinese and translated on December 14, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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