Reformation through Influence

Yutang Lin

Not all people can be changed by persuasion
Especially when he feels that he is self-righteous
No way to cool him down from his overbearing height
And impossible to help him by words
    To instantly open his panorama and realize his own prejudice
The more said, the more angry he would become
Not to mention to venture into Dharma talks on selflessness
That would be completely futile
    Just showing, on the contrary, that the speaker is unwise and attached

Therefore, I often go along with the other party
Always saying
    Yes, yes, yes Correct, correct, correct
This is not following blindly nor aiming at pleasing
But to say that
I appreciate the other party's views and feelings
From that kind of viewing angle and such standpoint
All he said, of course, must follow by reason
As to Buddhist teachings and practices
At such juncture they are simply out of the question

Bystanders could not comprehend my points readily
Often criticized me for my approaches in such manners
Regarded me as ignoring the duty to guide people according to Dharma
Indeed I fully comprehended that
Teaching by words is limited
When a practitioner could not persuade others to practice selflessness
He can only put it into practice by himself
    So as to set example and convert in silence through influence

Teaching through setting an example is not a matter of one day or one night
It takes incessant and constant devotion of a whole life with full intention and efforts
Not to mention that people are complicated, variable and scant in faith
Even one saved from cancer through blessing of Buddha
Could have regressed and even committed slander
And yet long years of solid and straight Dharma activities
Accompanied by compassionate tolerance that is free of hitting back and calculation
Eventually moved the strayed son to turn back
    And gradually softened the arrogant attitude
That is because in the long run
People will observe, compare and reflect
Once they realized the facts and sincerity
Not to take refuge in Buddha and Dharma
How could there be an even better refuge and stability

Revealing so many hidden facts in writing
With the hope that Dharma practitioners would comprehend
Not to rely solely on propagation of teachings through words
In the long run
Be it for oneself or for others
The most important thing that matters is one's own deeds
To convert all in the ten directions
One must, first of all, be able to convert one's surroundings through influence
Definitely not to compare high or low at one juncture of time and space
But instead let the actions and inactions of a whole life time
Constantly shinning forth lights in history
To everlastingly enlighten sentient beings on their paths to full enlightenment

Written in Chinese and translated on December 4, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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