Monologue to All Times

Yutang Lin

During my daily life as a Dharma practitioner there were
All sorts of comprehension, reflection, inspiration and reply to inquiries
Most of these had been written down as poems or articles
And immediately announced to the world through emails

As a person over sixty, my feelings for
These statements of monologues
Is nothing but a sincere wish that
All seekers of Dharma for all eternity
Maybe will be inspired to echo in their minds
Or on their practice path
    To offer some guidance and encouragement
Thus, endless activities of Bodhi intentions
Would benefit all sentient beings for all eternity

If a reader feels that my words are beneficial to Dharma practices
It wouldn't be a bad idea to reflect on oneself and practice accordingly
But do not mistake me for
Aiming at someone over some matters at certain time and place
To have made such efforts to argue about
As one having learned of impermanence and renunciation
And devoted the prime time of one's life to Dharma activities
I would not abuse my attention and efforts in such a manner

Written in Chinese and translated on November 23, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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