Universal Salvation of Guan Yin

Yutang Lin

Observing sounds to realize their blank nature
All sounds in the universe are mute as they are
Realized illusive nature and thus escaped from net of worldly tangles
Lively awareness is originally present in all sentient beings
Merciful for the deluded ones wisdom and compassion operated
With equal fondness to all saving beings according to conditions
Tracing sounds to render relief from hardships and sufferings
Realized Blank Essence to overcome calamities and miseries


Disciple Jing Xing requested that I use the title "Universal Salvation of Guan Yin" to compose a poem and then write it in calligraphy so that it may serve as the preface to the book with the same title, and the book is a collection of works on the Guan Yin Dharma Gate that he had edited and it will be published in the near future. So I composed this work.

Written in Chinese and translated on November 23, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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