Meddling Too Much

Yutang Lin

Living in this world
Of course it is inevitable that there are matters to take care of
Nevertheless, with attention and energy both limited
One could care for only a few matters to certain extent
Not to mention the fact that worldly matters are all so complicated
Most of them are beyond the meddling of anyone

To meddle into matters that could not be helped
That is certainly meddling too much

As one meddles much
  One's own attention and energy are spent as much
  While others feel pressures as well
Meddling into matters beyond help
  One would receive superficial agreement and deviation behind the back
  Indeed it is just a waste of attention, energy and persuasion

In youth people are full of energies
  They could not realize that days ahead are not many
Meddling in these and tampering in those
In most cases grand opening ends unnoticeable

As one advances in age
  Gradually becomes aware of waning of remaining days
  And scarcity of mental and physical strength
Naturally meddles less and less, and avoid as many as possible

Whoever could awake earlier to one's own meddling too much
Would be able to allow oneself and others to gain leisure sooner
For better spending of time on cultivation of enlightened qualities

Written in Chinese and translated on November 20, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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