Following in Pursuit

Yutang Lin

Once upon a time
A disciple saw in a dream
I walked swiftly on a road
While she was following in pursuit with all her might
Later when she caught up
I was already performing salvation activities

Guru had been on the practice path for very long
Hence he walks swiftly, firmly and far in distance
For a disciple to catch up
Only vigorous endeavors in pursuit through following would do

If all sorts of considerations are sustained in mind
They could not be other than worldly thoughts
Except to set self-set limits and thus stepping at the same spot
How could those help advancement on the Dharma path
Definitely do not mistakenly apply your mind to hinder yourself
That will not emancipate you from Samsara
Not to mention to help others escape therefrom

It is better to follow Guru simple-mindedly
That would make it easier to catch up sooner

Written in Chinese on November 14, 2009
Translated on November 16, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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