Refuge for All Beings

Yutang Lin

A Dharma practitioner should constantly reflect on
This kind of intention and behavior
Could they help a practitioner to become
Refuge for all sentient beings or not

If cannot
On these trifles of one particular time and place
Comparisons are waste of attention and efforts

Goal of one's life should be high and wide
Constantly think of the great aspiration to become enlightened
And then to help all sentient beings to achieve the same
Would render it easier to sustain clarity of mind
And help one escape from the jungle of meaningless trifles

When one runs into those who like to entangle in trifles
Don't follow them into the trap of comparison and entanglement
Dedicate one's mind and efforts to Dharma practices
And Dharma activities that propagate holy teachings to benefit all
Only then could one and all others be benefited in the long run

Written in Chinese and translated on November 13, 2009
The 22nd Memorial Day of Guru Chen
El Cerrito, California

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