Tang Poems in New Style

Yutang Lin

Sentiments sprang during Tang Dynasty
Down to nowadays are still passed along

Reciting poems, the mental realms entered
Ancients and contemporaries met in unison

Same sentiments caused minds to resonate
Wondrous phrasing rendered poems immortal

Expanding in new style onto new leaves
Consonant duet would move more to tears


Recently I had chosen a few famous Tang poems that I like very much, and expanded them in new style into prose-like poems so as to share my feelings and comprehensions. May this kind of consonant duet help spread the immortal fine literary works of the Chinese ancients to more contemporaries and deepen their roots in kindred minds!

Sentiments are neither ancient nor contemporary, and personal situations are often similar in many ways. During our transitory existence on Earth occasionally we ran into poetic statements that resonate in our minds, and such was not only a spiritual visit into the ancient time but an eternal sympathetic union of minds.

Dharma teaches us one mind and oneness. While reciting these poems one might comprehend the oneness to some extent.

The above was written in Chinese in January. Here are additional comments added now:
In the end I had done this new style for nine Tang poems. Now I intend to translate all nine into English so that more people can share the refined Tang poems.

Written in Chinese on January 29, 2009
Translated on August 28, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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