Yutang Lin

Everyone is so busy
Leisure moments seldom arrived

Even when occasionally a free moment is spared
Mind remains not free to enjoy a peaceful leisure

In this worldly life, of course, there are full of matters
But what would constitute a matter worth mentioning
How grave or trivial it is, what causes and consequences it has
Who's in the right or wrong, how it should be conducted
All are up to each one's point of view, and all insist on their own

To step onto the enlightenment path, one need to be able to escape
From nets of such biased views, and comprehend that
Originally there are no such human-construed matters
All phenomena are just the coming together and dispersing away
of causes and conditions
And hence one should work on causes and conditions
to dissipate Karmic hindrances and accumulate merits
So as to attain liberation from Samsara and realization of enlightenment

Solidly practice chanting of Buddha's epithet and prostration to Buddhas
Making sincere efforts solely for the salvation of all sentient beings
Long-lasting without sag, only then could one hope
That the season of leisure-in-mind would eventually arrive

Written in Chinese on August 7, 2009
Translated on August 8, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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