Yutang Lin

To live happily
First, one need to open one's mind
To embrace the world as it is
And be considerate to other sentient beings

To open one's mind
During daily interactions with others
Do not remain rejective and aloof
     (Because one could not forget one's self-righteousness)
This is fine, and that would also do
Be receptive and grateful
     (What one does not need can be turned over to those in need)

As interactions among people become cordial
Everyone is happy
Compared with upholding one's self-esteem
And yet runs into confrontation at every turn
Wouldn't it be better

Capable of reflecting on oneself
And thereby recognizes one's tendency to stay aloof
And then give it up
Only then will it be possible to meld into the boundless oneness of all

Written in Chinese and translated on July 28, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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