After Having Taken Refuge

Yutang Lin

So as not to become a hindrance to others' attaining salvation
I have greatly opened the door of skillful means
To let people seeking refuge, be it old acquaintances or total strangers
To have the same opportunity to become united with our pure lineage
     Of the unsurpassable Buddhist Tantra

After having entered the gate
Distant from perfect enlightenment
There is still a very long path of Dharma practices
That need to be traversed personally by each and every Dharma offspring

Guru's lifelong teachings in words and through examples
Can only bless you
To recognize clearly the right direction, and to step onto the right paths
As to how many steps you will take, and how fast you will advance
Those are all up to your own endeavors

Guru is propagating the Dharma equally to all sentient beings
Impossible for him to guide each one individually all the time
If you are diligent in practices, and have encountered problems
Then you need to raise questions for guidance
Best would be to stay around the Guru constantly
To attend and to follow suit
And thereby gradually comprehended Dharma practices in daily life
Single-mindedly devoted oneself in such a manner
Only then will it become easier for one to mature sooner

Written in Chinese and translated on July 26, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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