Tiny Grasping, Formidable Hindrance

Yutang Lin

To some matters, some people
Definitely would not let go
Definitely would not change
Definitely would not forgive
This is each one's own choice
     A decision of one's mind
Others could do nothing about it

The goal of Dharma practices is the ultimate emancipation
Realization of Dharmakaya that is free from any attachments
For a Dharma practitioner
If there is still something that is
Definitely could not be let go
Definitely could not be changed
Definitely could not be forgiven
No matter how tiny such matter is
Such grasping will forever become a hindrance to realization of Dharmakaya

If you are sincere in seeking emancipation
As a Dharma practitioner
How could you be so penny wise and yet all pound foolish
As to grasp in mind a knot that is as tiny as a sesame
     At a trivial juncture of eternal time and boundless space
So as to forever expel yourself outside the boundlessly open Dharmakaya

Written in Chinese and translated on July 26, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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