The Honorable Protector Xuan De

Yutang Lin

Humble to capable ones and practiced merciful ways
People's minds were drawn toward your leadership

Rather remained in dangerous and difficult situations
Than to renounce your faithful followers and subjects

Sworn to remain faithful brothers in the peach garden
And helped sustain the Han Dynasty through perils

For the sake of all beings brothers of one mind sworn
To guard and support our pure and genuine Dharma lineage


Among three sworn-brothers of the peach garden
Guan Gong was the first to protect the Dharma

Then Yi De followed his good example
And once appeared in a Dharma dream of mine

Disciple Wang Hao was blessed with inspiration
To witness dragon attending Xuan De in a dream

Disciple Detong asked me to write praises to
The three brothers who are guardians of Dharma

As requested by disciple Detong
Written in Chinese and translated on March 28, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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