Sentient Beings Converted Me

Yutang Lin

Bodhicitta is the aspiration
    To universally and equally convert all beings through Dharma

If one constantly thinks about how to convert all sentient beings
It could also develop into a kind of self-grasping
Consequently, one could hardly be converted, not to mention to convert others

Hence, key point of Bodhicitta is
To set mind on sentient beings, but not on oneself

Constantly observe all sorts of suffering and hardship of sentient beings
    Personal situations amounts to nothing
Knowing the varieties and diversities of all sentient beings
    Individual prejudices and preferences could no longer linger on
Again and again facing the impermanent evolution of sentient beings
    One naturally comprehends the illusive nature of evanescent life
Openly and widely accept, and humbly learn and imitate from others
    Self-knitted webs of views and knots of emotions gradually dissolve
Receive in accordance with Dharma, convert through personal interactions
    Feelings of embracing oneness gradually communicate and unify

In saying, it is the aspiration to convert all sentient beings
In reality, it is thanks to all sentient beings that I had been converted
    Allowing a deluded, narrow and stubborn self
    To gradually disappear

Written in Chinese and translated on March 27, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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