Natural Rhythm

Yutang Lin

Phenomena are appearances of gathering and dispersing of causal conditions
Increasing, decreasing or transforming of causal conditions
Even though may be affected through human efforts
Nevertheless, human efforts being minute could only, in a very limited way,
Move it right or left a bit
Among all sorts of causal conditions there are natural rules of their interactions
And mutually interactive developments and evolutions
Might as well call them, "Natural Rhythms"

Dharma practices aim at elimination of grasping
So as to re-immerge into the reality of originally limitless oneness
On one hand one should definitely remember the goal
And diligently apply one's efforts toward enlightenment
And yet one should not grasp to teachings as unforgettable
So that eventually one could not immerge into duality-free boundlessness

Hence, in Dharma practices one should not sustain the wish to attain enlightenment
To the extent that one is all anxious inside
That would amount to being entangled by "grasping to Dharma"

Basic spirit of Dharma is
To see clearly the facts, and then follow the truth
The fact is that all things have their natural rhythms
Therefore, engaging in Dharma practices until attainment of fruitful stages
Also have their seasons and causal conditions
Not only could not be hurried
But also hurried would not be attainable
Thus I often said to disciples
No hurry, take it easy
Consider the above reasoning carefully, and then
Relax, but incessantly apply efforts to Dharma practices

Written in Chinese on March 19, 2009
Translated on March 21, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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