Praise to Sakyamuni Buddha

Yutang Lin

A crown price could have renounced the kingdom
    Awakened early to illusive nature of worldly glories

In prime years departed from his beloved ones
    Sought early the salvation from worldly sufferings

Through ascetic practices realized the Middle Path
    Great wisdom transcended worldly dualistic approaches

Attained full enlightenment and pacified all devil harassments
    Great compassion no longer sustained antagonism

Guiding beings according to their propensities and capabilities
    Great mercy imbued with skillful ways of guidance

Roamed around to provide enlightened guidance till end of life
    Great power rendered endless salvation to all beings

Teachings passed down from generation to generation through ages
    Graceful waves spread far and wide in the ten directions

Written in Chinese and translated on March 11, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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