Pure Wind Nurtured Stone

Yutang Lin

Winds inside a practitioner gradually become purer and cleaner,
Sentient beings as well as non-sentient objects equally benefited.
Colors of stones became fresh and hidden hues became apparent,
Hazy moonstone, originally translucent, became transparent now.


After many years of Dharma practices inner winds gradually became pure and clean. Therefore, upon contact, physical or spiritual, with others it is often the case that "mutual exchange" took place to reduce the suffering of others, while the uncomfortable sensations received will soon disappear. Not only sentient beings had been thus benefited but also inanimate objects, such as gem stones, had been transformed.

The color of a green jade worn became fresh, and areas originally showed no green gradually turned greener and greener. Lapis lazuli stone also turned fresh in color and some hidden golden dots appeared. The color of a tiger-eye stone changed to a warmer and slightly deeper hue, and it no longer looks like a cold object. Most amazing is the transformation in the moonstone that I have been wearing only recently. Originally it was translucent and hazy all over. Today disciple Xin Ping suddenly noticed that the whole central area had become transparent, and yet when looked around from its sides it is still hazy. This is so inconceivable that I wanted to record it in writing so as to provide a case evidence of the benefits of engaging in Dharma practices.

Written in Chinese and translated on February 26, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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