Learned to Listen to

Yutang Lin

Disciple Hong Fu (Rainbow Fortune) said, she had learned that
What Guru said lightly
As a disciple, she should listen to very carefully

What Guru said casually
Is a natural response born of many years of Dharma practices
If one could listen to attentively
     Often it might suddenly open up one's mind's eyes

Generally speaking
     Having heard Guru's words, one tends to modify it here and there
     Could hardly expect to receive much benefit in such a fashion

Some would, at the moment of encountering Guru
Immediately declare "what I want, what I think, what I consider to be"
Thus leaving for the Guru only the opportunity
To comply with by abiding in the non-speech of selfless Dharmakaya
         (Dharmakaya has sounds but "non-speech.")

Rare to have someone comprehended
The importance of listening carefully to Guru's intentions
Putting it in writing
     Perhaps some would be affected
       To share the Dharma benefits

Written in Chinese and translated on February 23, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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