Arbitrarily Seeking Medical Treatments

Yutang Lin

Diagnoses by physicians
    Could also be mistaken
Therefore, when matters are serious
    Often it is better to seek several experts' opinions

But in case of chronic illness or emergency
    With complicated relationships, many variegated opinions
A patient may seek advices hither and thither
    Not knowing what would be proper
    Medications also took some and stopped some, taking this and that

Seeking medical treatments in a confused manner
    Illness will not be easy to cure
    In addition, the complications could render the physical conditions to deteriorate
Therefore, having some medical common sense
    And getting learned advices
So as to be able to choose the physician and treatment to abide by
    Is important, and also a blessing

Seeking emancipation, seeking peace and stability, seeking clarity of mind
Is also likewise
On the one hand it depends on personal efforts and judgment
On the other hand it relies on wise teacher's guidance
    As to right or wrong, superior or inferior, choices made
    It could not help but be limited by personal propensity and karmic hindrances

Recognizing clearly facts as such
We could only pray for growth in merits and wisdom for all sentient beings

Written in Chinese and translated on February 21, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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