As Seen from Buddha's Eyes

Yutang Lin

On the practice path of Dharma plenty are
Hindrances and difficulties
Arose from one's mind and intertwined with exterior causal conditions
If seen from one's own point of view
Extremely difficult to break through and dismantle
     Because from the outset personal views and preferences would
     Pull and push at every turn and corner

As seen from Buddha's eyes there is no limitation nor boundaries
For a Dharma practitioner to emerge from perplexities
Better learn to see as seen from Buddha's eyes

As soon as one's panorama is opened up
Incessantly self-torturing knots in mind and worldly affairs
Amid uncountable sentient beings' eternal bewilderment
Become too trivial to remain problems

If a practitioner assumes that there is certain amount or degree of
     Self-sacrifice, merits, comprehension, realization
As seen from Buddha's eyes, once the panorama is opened up
Those would also become too trivial to worth mentioning

May our practice path be constantly viewed as seen from Buddha's eyes
So that progress remains smooth and safe, swift and swell

Written in Chinese and translated on January 28, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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