Praise to Guru Rinpoche

Yutang Lin

Buddha lights bestowed on a large lotus
To save all beings appeared there a boy

Established as prince, the country became prosperous
Through committing sinful acts to obtain renunciation

Learned in all sorts of knowledge and practiced Dharma
Lived in cemeteries, showed miraculous transformations

Tamed evil beings and cultivated Dakinis on the path
Roaming everywhere to spread teachings wide and far

Upon request entered Tibet to establish the first monastery
The root and source of Buddhist Tantra thereby established

Transmitted Tantras in Mandala to twenty-five disciples
Red-robed and white-clothed ones continued the lineages

Essential Sutras and Tantras selected to translate into Tibetan
Dharma treasures thus gathered and stored in snow country

Great Perfection teachings based on original purity of all things
Concealed in Earth, Water, Space and Mind Hidden Treasures

Rainbow body of death-free nature appeared as occasions called for
Disciples of meritorious conditions are all blessed by your compassion

Upon request from disciple Mian Yan
Written in Chinese and translated on January 28, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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