Praise to Patriarch Mandarava

Yutang Lin

Born of royal status as a princess yet enjoyed renunciation
Led five hundred maidens to practice toward original purity
Wisdom eyes capable of recognizing Guru Rinpoche's virtues
In devotion to Guru offered her body beyond worldly ways
Huge fire on large pile of firewood turned into a clear pond
The whole kingdom overwhelmed and all took refuge in Guru
In the Cave of Death Ceased practiced Tantric Love
Bone ornaments adorned her rainbow-like light body
Saved a girl from peril and led her to become a Dakini
Thus set a supreme epitome of upbringing posterity
Staying in this world and appeared as patriarch Niguma
Graceful virtues illustrative of boundless longevity

Written in Chinese and translated on January 9, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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