Supplication to Patriarch Yeshe Tsogyal

Yutang Lin

In front of beloved grandma of Tantric practices
Dharma grandson is here to salute you in prostration
Our golden lineage came down to this degenerated age
Had become even thinner and scarcer than a thread
Those have fortunate connections can be counted by fingers
Alas! How many of them are capable of actual practices
Hindered by self-set limits are often the cases
Devoted and dedicated ones mostly encountered difficulties
Even though trials might have piled up like mountains
Ardent Bodhi aspiration has never wavered a bit
Simply for the sake of liberating all beings from sufferings
Dedication of this life is not worth any considerations
Only begging dear grandma for compassionate blessings
To protect and guide genuine Tantric practitioners
So that they may sooner realize union of joy and light
And thus become capable of advocating the path of Greed
Just as grandma's grace spread far and wide through ages
We will save all beings because they are as dear as our own mothers

Written in Chinese and translated on January 4, 2009
El Cerrito, California

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