Faithful and Solid Disciple

Yutang Lin

Early in the Christmas morning I got up
   For going to the fire puja
Outside wind and rain were blowing strong
Suddenly realized that
Capable of serving as a Guru
Only because always having been a faithful and solid disciple

After Guru entered Nirvana for over twenty-one years
Still conducting fire pujas, vase offerings, and Powa services
Continued to write articles, publish books and send out holy images
No different from when I was following and serving my Guru

Seeing the flamboyant aspect of being a Guru
Some would like to become one
Indeed there is no other wondrous approach
Only need to be single-minded and continue for the rest of this life
To conduct oneself as a faithful and solid disciple
Then the day would eventually come

Arguing over matters this and that
Fighting over trifles here and there
Always put oneself at the first place and Dharma matters second
How could such a day ever arrive

Written in Chinese and translated on December 26, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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