Practicing Non-self

Yutang Lin

Originally there is no self
Why need to practice it, and how could it be practiced

Nevertheless, grasping to self is deep and tight
Need to start with freeing grasping

All things are impermanent
Don't think that propensities can hardly be moved
No determined, no necessarily so
Accommodate, readily go along, approve
Kind words in gentle voices, softly and humbly

As soon as comparison arose, calculations abounded
Remind oneself that these are all too trivial
Ocean of sentient beings' sufferings has no boundary
How could personal trifles worth mentioning
And cease thoughts of comparison

Ocean of Dharma teachings deep and wide
Blank Essence could hardly be realized
Where could time be found for worldly you and I
Should remain one-minded only on Dharma matters
Repeat Buddha's epithet and make prostrations to Buddha
So that step by step one walks on the lotus above mud

Upon request from disciple Ji Hu
Although a frequently mentioned topic and yet a new article came forth
Written in Chinese and translated on December 23, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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