Inspiration from Group Practices

Yutang Lin

While Dharma lineage disciples practiced in assembly
Auspicious signs of bright circles appeared repeatedly
Blessings coming down from generation to generation
To ensure our continuous efforts will yield awakening.


bright circles


Recently disciples in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia gathered regularly on the Four Offering Days, i.e., the tenth, fifteenth, twenty-fifth and twenty-ninth of each lunar month to practice making offerings and reciting praises together in the retreat hut where I lived for ten days during my last visit there. Photos taken before the group practices showed nothing out of the ordinary. And yet photos taken during the group practices or right after them often displayed bright circles here and there. Some of those bright circles were large in size and reminded us of Tantric images of a deity's mandala. A few days ago it was a lunar fifteenth, and one bright circle in the night sky was as bright as the moon; such an appearance was indeed extremely inconceivable. (See image file attached to this article.)

Ever since three years ago when I started to make pilgrimage trips to Buddhist holy sites in China photos taken by us often displayed bright circles, and all those photos were related to our Dharma activities. We can conclude that such bright circles are auspicious signs of blessings from Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Now the assembly of our Dharma lineage disciples also continued to inspire the surfacing of such auspicious signs. We can clearly see from all such signs that our Dharma lineage's blessing is indeed not just vacuous words. May this kind of records encourage the faithful ones so that they all know the advantages of taking refuge and practicing in assemblies, and thereby become able to advance rapidly on the right path of Dharma and attain fruits of Buddhahood sooner!

Upon request from disciple Ji Hu
Written in Chinese and translated on December 18, 2008
El Cerrito, California

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